TSB investigating after plane's wheel goes off runway at Toronto airport

The Canadian Press - Monday, January 22, 2018 TORONTO

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating after a wheel of a plane went off a runway at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Sunday evening.

A spokeswoman for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority says the Air Georgian flight became temporarily disabled on the taxiway after an aborted takeoff.

More to come once the investigation is complete

Is this another example of "Self Regulation" not working ?

Why flying isn’t as safe as we’re told

ASHLEY NUNES, CONTRIBUTED TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL. Ashley Nunes studies transportation safety and regulatory policy at MIT's Center for Transportation & Logistics.

Limiting our perception of safety to fatal crashes alone narrows our appraisal of risk. As security expert Frederic Lemieux notes, aviation from this perspective appears to be very safe. The reality, however, is very different. Human errors that can jeopardize air safety continue to occur throughout the industry. For example, a recent survey found that more than 95 per cent of pilots admit to landing their airplane when conditions dictate they shouldn't. The survey – completed by 2,340 pilots worldwide – paints a worrying picture about the current and future state of air safety. Violating the rules has clearly become ingrained in airline culture because crashes are rare. At the same time, new recruits are watching their mentors flout those rules, emboldening them to eventually follow suit.

Collision between 2 planes at Pearson sparks flames, prompts evacuation

“As soon as the Sunwing (plane) hit the WestJet (plane) it caught on fire and everyone started running,” The GTAA continues to demonstrate the lack of operational excellence and in turn people are being put at additional risk .. Tonight more than 100 passengers returning from Mexico had to exit their aircraft via the emergency slide onto the tarmac in record cold temperatures because of a collision between two aircraft that were on fire and under the control of the GTAA Air Traffic Controllers ... The fact is the airport has been running at full capacity for years and the 7% growth this year is just putting passages and the ground crews at additional risk ... Transport Canada must step in and mandate changes before lives are lost !!!

Headlines in the UK: Toronto plane crash: Hundreds flee as plane bursts into flames on runway (see what they are saying)

Plane at Pearson crashes into a pole during a deicing period, the plane collided with a pole, damaging the right wing and forcing passengers to evacuate.

Transport Canada “the GTAA’s house is not in order” When are you going to step up and hold the GTAA and NAV Canada to task ??? The GTAA continues to drive full speed ahead with plans to double the passenger count from 45 million passengers a year to 90 million passengers !!! The “SAFETY” of the passengers, airport employees and those living close to the airport are being reminded with every new incident that we are only closer to a disaster if someone does not step up NOW !!! The days of self regulation are not working and it’s heading for serious consequences !!!


Board chairwoman Kathy Fox called on both sides to work with employee representatives to implement a program that would protect public safety. She added that self-policing by the industry has not worked, so the issue of impairment will continue to go unrecognized and unreported.


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